Marital Investigation
Commercial Investigation
Personal Investigation
Kid / Teenage Tracking


Private Investigator Malaysia – Queen Private Investigation has more than 28 years of investigation experience in and outside Malaysia. Our Detective Agency specializes in providing the following:

  • extra-marital affairs investigation and evidence collection,
  • loyalty investigation,
  • pre-marital character investigation for individual customers,
  • business intelligence collection,
  • corporate credit,
  • employee survey for enterprises and institutions,
  • economic debt investigation,
  • personnel traces investigation, and
  • children’s whereabouts investigation.

The collected data and information from an investigation by Queen Private Investigation is accurate and reliable. The audio, video, pictures, and other information that is provided by us have high practical value. We strive to give you a reliable reference and evidence for your decision making.

Queen Private Investigation is licensed by The Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia.

Our investigation agency adheres to the following principles in our business activities:

  • The principle of legality,
  • The principle of confidentiality, and
  • The principle of good faith.

So, if you have any issue that you would like us to help, please do not hesitate to contact us, your best private investigator Malaysia, at +6012-9696 728. You can also check out our “About Us” page to learn more about us.