Commercial Investigation

Commercial Investigation

The commercial investigation services that we, Queen Private Investigation, is providing, include the following:

Business Partner Investigation

  • Personnel background, friends background, family background check.
  • Personal finances and asset tracking investigation.
  • Personal reputation & criminal record check.
  • Personal information and telephone record investigation.


Corporate Background Investigation

  • Company background, telephone, and various registration materials investigation.
  • Company financial status, working capital and account information check.
  • Company reputation and record investigation.


Employee Investigation

  • Employee background, surrounding friends and family background investigation.
  • Employee financial status survey investigation.
  • Employee reputation and criminal record check.
  • Personal information, past work information and material inquiry investigation.

We can help you to get relevant information that would be critical for your business decision making. Tell us what is in your mind and we advise on what we can do to help you. Contact us for your commercial investigation needs at +6012-9696 728 or learn more about us here.